Policies and
Parking Information

We all want to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable life in our Sanctuary. The best way to accomplish this is for all of us to treat each other with respect and courtesy. But sometimes documented Policies (“Rules & Regulations”) are required, so there is no misunderstanding about what’s acceptable behavior.

Please review and abide by these Policies, to help ensure a harmonious environment in our neighborhood.

Policies and Rules


One area is of specific concern: Parking. The Sanctuary at Bay Hill has a limited amount of parking space, and each resident needs to be conscious of using a proper amount of the parking spaces. This will ensure fair sharing of space and allow for safe traffic flow through the neighborhood.

Please pay special attention to SECTION 5 in the above Rules document, to ensure you are complying with our Parking Policies.

(See our “Documents & Forms” Page for our Amended Bylaws, Amended Articles and Amended Restated Declaration.)

Sanctuary At Bay Hill Townhouse Curb
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